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The Catalog is a collection of publication “Titles” listed according to subject headings and largely of relevance to the Corporate Community, Business and Individuals for the purpose of personal financial and estate planning.

The titles comprise inter alia, articles, forms, case law, statutory and legal notices, legislative writings, government information and newsletters.

The Catalog is intended, but not limited, to:
a) facilitate a search and navigation of the website Publications pages by use of the “Title Code”,
b) assist those having an interest in a particular subject to gain a wider understanding of the matter, perhaps as a precursor to obtaining specialist advice and guidance, and
c) provide a source of reference material for students, academia and any person undertaking research in those areas listed under the Subject Title.

The adopted format of the listings is presently MS Excel however for those without this Microsoft Office application we have made available a PDF print but only for the Publications Titles, refer to the above links.

Viewing with MS Excel rather than the PDF version allows for a much more enhanced and coordinated search with filters using the drop down arrows located under each column heading.

The user might begin a search by selection of a Subject Title and then by Subject Division, however a search with any of the headings or simply using the keyboard combination, “Cntrl+F”, may be more appropriate according to the users preference. Remember that when using the “Cntrl+F” combination with filters that are activated will restrict the search to the filtered records only.

Not all Titles have been accommodated on the Articles and Newsletter pages mainly because of the volume and also to maintain the style and copyright of the original publication. Therefore where possible a link is provided directly to the originating source, as indicated by Blue Font.

Where titles have been included on the Website, either in the Articles or Newsletter sections, these can be found using the Title Code in the search box located at the top right hand corner of each website page. In those instances where a Title cannot be found either because it has been withdrawn by the publisher or the link has been dropped we can accommodate a request by the use of our contact form.

This Catalog is dedicated to the memory of the victims and heroes of the attacks that took place in the United States of America on September 11 2001. The resoluteness of the American people in the face of adversity has much to be admired, God Bless America.

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